Project description

The purpose of S-ITUATION is to synthesize and present existing research on Nature-based Solutions relevant to the Nordic context. The scope of the overview is based on the IUCN Global Standard, and will include relevant projects and experiences, policies, knowledge gaps and cost-benefit analyses.

The project will be carried out by highly experienced researchers in the field, representing research institutes in all five Nordic countries. Communication and dissemination activities, including stakeholder consultations, will be integrated throughout the project. The synthesis will facilitate knowledge-sharing and provide a basis for the development of future research projects in the Nordic Council thematic programme on NbS.

S-ITUATION consists of an international research group lead by project
manager Dr. Leonard Sandin. The project consists of four work packages (WPs) and a clearly defined organisation of the project work. NIVA will lead all WPs and work will be divided according to ecosystems and languages.

S/ITUATION work package structure.