S-ITUATION is about synthesizing existing research on nature-based solutions relevant to the Nordic context, including relevant projects and experiences, policies, knowledge gaps and cost-benefit analyses.

During the project we will gather a lot of information on existing projects and initatives that might be useful or serve as inspiration to others. You can access some of them here.

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Guidance documents

Naturbaserte løsninger for klimatilpasning – gml (in Norwegian)
A guide on how to implement naturebased solutions in Rogaland county municipality, Norway.

Naturbaserte løsninger for klimatilpasning (in Norwegian)
A report assessing uses and effects of different types of NBS for climate adaptation.

Grönplanera! En vägledning om kommunal grönplanering (in Swedish)
A guide on how to include green infrastructure in municipal planning in Sweden.

Naturbaserade lösningar. Ett verktyg för klimatanpassning och andra samhällsutmaningar (in Swedish). A guide to implementing nature-based solutions including examples from various nature types.

Evaluating the impact of nature-based solutions. A handbook for practitioners
(in English). A handbook on NBS assessment methodologies and indicators for decision-makers published by the EU.

Case studies and projects

Download the Nordic NBS project catalogue that was compiled during the
S-ITUATION project: