S-ITUATION part of webinar series on NBS

Learn more about nature-based solutions in the new webinar series called “Naturbasert sone”. The series aims to present examples and new knowledge, share experiences and discussions on NBS and practical implementation. In the first event on Thursday 24. March 2022, S-ITUATION project leader Leonard Sandin will talk about why NBS are beneficial and what valueContinue reading “S-ITUATION part of webinar series on NBS”

The new IPCC climate report and nature-based solutions  

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) recently published their latest assessment report. The report is about the impacts of climate change on ecosystems, biodiversity, and human communities at global and regional levels. It also looks at the capacities and limits for adapting to climate change.   Nature and climate interdependent  As was already known, theContinue reading “The new IPCC climate report and nature-based solutions  “

Knowledge update: More research exists on urban solutions than on forest NbS

There is more research on nature-based solutions and green infrastructure than other ecosystem types. Photo by Anastasiya Dalenka on Unsplash. New research on nature-based solutions by S-itutation partners in Sweden gives us useful insights in the existing knowledge on NbS. In January, the report Nature-based solutions – what is the new concept about? was published.Continue reading “Knowledge update: More research exists on urban solutions than on forest NbS”

First stakeholder workshop

15 November 2021 the first stakeholder workshop in S-ITUATION was arranged. One of the aims was to learn more about the stakeholders’ concept of Nature-based Solutions. The image above shows the result of a poll among the participants. S-ITUATION is relevant for many stakeholders, and the stakeholder consultation group is an important element in ourContinue reading “First stakeholder workshop”

Nature-based Solutions at COP26

The UN climate conference COP26 is nearly over. The interlinked crisis of biodiversity loss has been highlighted at the conference this year. As stated by the UN: “As there is no pathway to net zero without protecting and restoring nature, we are encouraging countries to include nature-based solutions in their climate plans”.  Biodiversity was alsoContinue reading “Nature-based Solutions at COP26”

First partner work shop

The first work shop with all the partners was arranged digitally 6. september 2021. In the work shop we started planning how we can get the best overview of different nature-based solutions in the Nordics. The partners have already divided responsibilities and different ecosystems – read more about that here. We also got to knowContinue reading “First partner work shop”