S-ITUATION presented to the Nordic ministers in Helsinki

The Nordic ministers on climate and environment committed to promoting nature-based solutions (NBS).

The Nordic ministers met in the Finnish parliament in Helsinki. Foto: Magnus Fröderberg/Norden.org

Wednesday 2 November, researcher and project leader Leonard Sandin presented the S-ITUATION project during the Nordic climate and environment ministers’ meeting in Helsinki.

Leonard Sandin presented the S-ITUATION project in Helsinki

– This is very important and exciting work, which we have carried out together with partners from the other four Nordic countries in order to gain knowledge about how far we have come using NBS in the Nordics, says Sandin.

The aim of S-ITUATION is to describe the status of nature-based solutions in the Nordic region, including current opportunities and challenges. The results will be published in the report “Working with Nature-Based Solutions: Synthesis and mapping of status in the Nordics” later this month.

«Securing the knowledge base»

S-IUATION is the first of five projects in the Nordic program for research on nature-based solutions (NBS).

During the meeting, Norway’s Minister for Climate and Environment Espen Barth Eide stated that the Nordic program will “secure a knowledge base that can contribute to enabling authorities, businesses and civil society in the Nordics to build solid, nature-based solutions. This will help to realize the vision of the Nordic region as the most sustainable region in the world in 2030”.

Will promote NBS internationally

The Nordic ministers adopted a declaration in which they undertake to promote nature-based solutions during the negotiations on a new international nature agreement at COP15 in Montreal later this year.

The declaration encourages actors in the Nordic region to adopt nature-based solutions. It also supports further research on the topic.

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