Talking about Nordic NBS around the Nordics

S-iTUATION researchers visited a riverbank restoration project in Iceland during a work shop on Nature-based Solutions (photo: Leonard Sandin).

We have been participating in several events presenting some of the work from the
S-ITUATION project the last few weeks.

NBS workshop in Iceland

Both S-ITUATION project leader Leonard Sandin and researcher Samaneh Sadat Nickayin participated in a workshop on Nature-based Solutions 5.-6. September in Iceland.

Researcher Samaneh Sadat Nickayin (LBHI) at the NBS workshop in Iceland (photos: Leonard Sandin).

Leonard talked about lessons learned from Europe, while Samaneh gave a presentation on Nature-based Solutions for aquatic ecosystems.

The workshop was arranged by ON Power. Watch a recording or read more about the event on this Facebook page.

Debating NBS at water congress in Denmark

The second week of September, S-ITUATION researchers Ingvild Skumlien Furuseth and Isabel Seifert-Dähn also got to talk a lot about Nature-based Solutions at the IWA World Water Congress & Exhibition in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Researcher Ingvild Skumlien Furuseth (in the red shirt holding a microphone) participated in a debate on NBS at the Nordic Pavillion in Copenhagen (photo: Line Barkved).

Ingvild participated in a debate on Nature-based Solutions in the Nordic Pavillion.

Read more about the congress here.

Seminar and environment prize in Faroe Islands

On 1. September, the nominations for the Nordic Council Environment Prize 2022 were announced in an event at the Nordic House in the Faroe Islands.

This was accompanied by a seminar on Nature-based Solutions, where S-ITUATION project leader Leonard Sandin participated online.

Leonard Sandin (on the screen to the left) presented S-ITUATION in the seminar on NBS in the Nordic context.

“The loss of biodiversity and its harmful effects on human health and well-being are becoming increasingly clear. It’s obvious that there’s a growing need for solutions that have nature at their core”, said Sauli Rouhinen, chair of the adjudication committee for the Nordic Council Environment Prize.

Read more and watch a recording of the event here.

Click the download button below to see Leonard’s presentation of S-ITUATION.

Launch of the Nordic NBS Hub coming up

There are also more exiting events on Nature-based Solutions coming up soon.

On 26.-28. September there will be a seminar on NBS in Brussels, which also prepares for the launch of a new Nordic Hub for Nature-based Solutions.

The hub will be launched in Copenhagen, Denmark 13. October – and the team of S-ITUATION researchers will be present.

We look forward to meet there!

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