The final Nordic NBS projects are starting: A-DVICE kick-off this week

The A-DVICE project which will provide policy advice on NBS was kicked off with a meeting on 24. April, while the GuideNBS project will officially start in May.

The final projects of the Nordic programme on nature-based solutions (NBS) have now started, and we are happy to announce that several of the S-ITUATION partners are involved.

Policy advice on NBS in A-DVICE

The A-DVICE project led by Norwegian Institute for Water Research (NIVA) will provide advice for policy development to implement, mainstream and upscale naturebased solutions in the Nordics.

This is the third of five projects in the Nordic Council of Ministers’ NBS programme.

The project was kicked off Monday 24. April with a meeting attended by representatives from the NBS programme steering committee and contact person, as well as the team representing all the project partners.

A-DVICE is co-led by Danish consultancy Norion, with the Nordic project partners VTT (Finland), Ensucon AB (Sweden) and University of Iceland.

User-friendly handbook

The project runs from April 2023 to November 2024. The main result will be a user-friendly and accessible handbook with advice and good examples for policy makers on local, regional and national level in all the Nordic countries.

It will also give input to how the Nordic countries can implement and encourage NBS as part of their international commitments to climate and biodiversity targets.

The NCM steering group and the project partners discussed the project and work plan in the meeting. This is the structure of the work packages in

Knowledge base and stakeholder workshops

The project will build on results from the previous S-ITUATION project, the ongoing S-UMMATION project and a report by Norion on Synergies between climate and biodiversity objectives in laws, policies and management practices.

While building on previous knowledge and experiences will be important, a key component of the project will also be to consult and involve stakeholders in different sectors and governance levels in all the countries and regions.

The plan is to start with workshops after the summer – the team looks forward to this work and getting to know each other better!

The GuideNBS project (led by NINA) will provide a handbook on practical implementation of nature-based solutions.

Practical implementation in GuideNBS

The fourth (and final) project of the Nordic NBS programme is also starting now and will be finalized in 2024.

This project is called GuideNBS and will be led by Norwegian Institute for Nature Research (NINA), Aarhus University in Denmark, Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke), Faroe Islands National Museum, Agricultural University of Iceland, Norwegian Institute for Water Research (NIVA) and Lund University in Sweden.

GuideNBS will also result in a handbook and best-practice toolbox for the practical implementation of Nature-based solutions (NBS) in the Nordics. This project will also build on the knowledge from the other Nordic NBS programme projects.

It will kick off in May and both of these projects will co-ordinate activities and with each other. We look forward to getting started!

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